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About Study Mate Hindustan Times

About Study Mate:

Study Mate is a learning center which is brought by Hindustan Times Group in Association with MT Educare. Study Mate is a place which makes children career and take them to the top.

At a Study Mate Learning Center the child will be benefited with a curriculum which is at par with CBSE Board system and updated accordingly to the latest development and evaluation. For competitive exams students get trained by brilliant teachers who have been selected by Educational board. In the development of students personality these teachers has a big contribution.

Study Mate has an advanced teaching methodology, they have added value to student’s learning with this advance methodology. At Study Mate Centers they have a best infrastructure which includes well lit rooms and optimum batch sizes. Mentors at Study Mate ensure that each student is getting best attention and they take good care of child need. In the class room students get Technology Aid Teaching, they get study materials and notes by expert teachers who have a vast experience in the particular subject.

During the examination period the concepts of students get clear, they are used to the rigorous of an exam schedule through repeated concept clarity, testing and practice sessions. At Study Mate teacher’s take exams on a regular basis, they evaluate the student’s progress through these tests.

Study Mate Center provides 24 hr. exam helpline for students, through this they support to student’s for academic excellence. Through this helpline, students get counseling and solution for their all kind of queries and clear their last minute doubts as well. The main objective of Study Mate is to ensure the child’s result and the expectations.

Focus on the C.B.S.E. Board System of CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation):

Through traditional evaluation methods no one can evaluate the whole child; they can only evaluate children academic achievement in examinations. From this Academic year CBSE has introduced “Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation”. It involves regular and continuous assessment in scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

Scholastic Assessment is the old method to evaluate on curricular subjects. Co- Scholastic evaluation is the year – round evaluation by the teacher on life skills, attitudes, values, interest, participation in co-curricular activities, psychomotor skills and the development exhibited by the child. It means evaluation of all over the personality of students.

Study Mate has also adapted this technique; they have their own CCE curriculum. They have made their teaching methodology and evaluation criteria according to new technique. Trough the expertise in new teaching methodology Study Mate plays a vital role in helping the child through to groom their personality in all manners.

Mentors at Study Mate, guide their students on doing quality work in assignments and projects. They do not the project work of child but help them to develop the observation skills and the technique of presentation which make possible for students to develop the projects of outstanding quality through their capability. To Aid Soft skills, they conduct periodic sessions so that students get sensitized and naturally absorb the components of life skills, attitudes and values. Famous, known personalities conduct these kinds of sessions. Through Life Skills students will develop : Thinking skills such as solving the problem, decision making and creative thinking, Social skills such as interpersonal relationships and effective communication and Emotional skills such as self awareness, managing feelings, emotions and tackling with stress. At Study Mate, they conduct sessions on extra curricular activities like debates, recitation and creative writing. Through these sessions children learn how to stay ahead in life.

Why to Choose Study Mate?

1. Excellent Faculty:

• Study Mate has a brilliant faculty. At Study Mate, teacher’s get trained to deliver the teaching methodology to ensure that your child is getting instructed by the best teachers for a particular subject.
• All the faculties at Study Mate are postgraduates and they have an 5 years of experience. These teachers have a rich experience in teaching the CBSE curriculum, coaching at top institutes and for competitive exams like IIT JEE / Medical Entrance.
• At Study Mate, teachers are very friendly who understand students and makes them feel comfortable.

2. Content of Study Mate:

a) CCE:

• The Content has been prepared by experienced examiners and teachers.
• The curriculum has been designed on the basis of CCE; it has been designed to foster excellence in scholastic and non-scholastic areas.
• The aim of new content is to make students all rounder who can perform well in their academics and develop in non academic areas.

b) Subject Specific Content:

Study Mate provides best quality notes to students which are made by experts to aid understanding and simplify subjects.

c) Doubt Sessions:

Study Mate has structured doubt sessions, in these sessions students learn to clarify their doubts. During the sessions students can take teacher’s help at any point of time. They have specific sessions before the exams, in which they will clarify questions raised by students, common errors, difficult concepts and chapters etc.

d) Technology Aided Teaching:

Through TAT, Study Mate introduces a new dimension to class room experience by using the best multi-media technology available to create stunning graphics and animation across various subjects. Through this concepts in the minds of students get clear and it helps to make learning more interactive and experimental.

e) Testing and Feedback:
Study mate takes test on regularly basis, they periodically assess student’s grasp of subject after every module. It keeps students better prepared during the examination. They take mock exams at the end of the every terms, it ensures that the student is ready to face examinations with confidence.

3. Learning Environment at Study Mate:

At Study Mate, there is a comfortable learning environment. The class rooms are designed so beautifully that creates the perfect learning ambience. They have focused on quality, cleanliness and safety.

4. Interaction between Mentor and Guardian:

Interaction between guardian and teacher’s is very important. Study Mate understand this fact, they have an open atmosphere. To ensure safety of students, parents are informed through SMS if children are not available in session. Parents are invited to regular counseling sessions with the teachers to discuss the child’s progress.

5. Helpline and Counseling at Study Mate:

At Study Mate learning center they provide counseling on any issue related to students. Experienced and trained faculty addresses every issue which is concerned to students.

a) Stress Management:

At Study Mate center, students will be provided custom made stress management sessions which will help the students to reduce the stress level, promoting wellness, enhancing memory and improving communication.

b) Academic Counseling:

• Study Mate provides Academic counseling by experienced faculty and counselor’s which guide students for their betterment.

c) 24 / 7 Helpline:

• There is a help line facility for students which work 24 hrs. Students can ask any query related to their concern.

Functioning of the Batch:

For 12th Class - Commerce Stream

Compulsory Subjects: Maths & Accounts
Optional Subjects: Economics

Regular Batch:

• Study Mate teaches according to school syllabus.
• The batch is divided in to 4 phases.

For 12th Class - Science Stream

Compulsory Subjects: Physics & Maths
Optional Subjects: Chemistry and Biology

Regular Batch:

• Study Mate teaches according to school syllabus.
• The batch is divided in to 4 phases.

First Term:

Phase I: 15th April’2010 to 12th May’2010
Duration: Weekdays: 2 lectures, Saturday and Sunday: 4 Lectures

Phase II: 15th May’ 2010 to 24th June ‘2010
Duration: All days 6 Lectures

Phase III: 2nd July’2010 to 15th September 2010
Duration: Saturday, Sunday: 6 Lectures, I weekday 3 lectures

Note: Students who will take optional subjects they will have to come in for additional lectures.

Second Term:

Phase I: 5th October’2010 – 15th November ‘2010
Revision lectures & doubts solving lectures, assignments & practice sessions as per the requirement.


Chapter wise tests will be conducted after the completion of the required portion in all the 4 phases.

15th November 2010 to 15th December 2010 (Ist pre board exam, the entire syllabus would be divided into 2 parts.

20th December 2010 to 30th December 2010: 2nd pre board exam

25th January 2011 – 20th Feb. ’2011: Revision lectures & doubts solving lectures, assignments & practice sessions as per the requirement.


  1. Hi, will they offers coaching for commerce students??

  2. Yes, they would offer coaching for 12th Class Commerce Stream. Compulsory Subjects would be Maths & Accounts and Optional Subjects would be Economics...

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    Janakpuri - 64700504
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    Lajpat Nagar - 64700502
    Mayur Vihar - 64700511

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